PowerMTA Unreachable

May 07, 2023 at 11:29 PM
Resolved after about 5 hours


Partial outage
Cakemail Email Delivery Infrastructure
  • Resolved

    This incident has now been resolved. All campaigns in the queue during the incident have been sent out. There is no need to reschedule them

  • Identified

    The issue has been identified, and our team is currently working on resolving this.

  • Monitoring

    A defective piece of hardware was succesfully replaced and our systems are back up. We are currently doing some additional tests and are assessing stability.

  • Investigating

    The email delivery infrastructure is unreachable (PowerMTA). Emails can be scheduled but are not being sent. However, they are queued and will be delivered once the servers are reachable again. We are currently investigating this incident.